Voices Only 2021, Vol. 1

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Voices Only 2021, Volume 1 Track List
1) More – The A Cappella Group (apb: Lawrence)

2) Phillip’s Bicycle – Academical Village People (apb: Charlie Burg (Dan Sagher Remix))

3) Be Alright – Faux Paz (apb: Ariana Grande)

4) In My Blood – The Amalgamates (apb: Shawn Mendes)

5) lovely – Amazin’ Blue (apb: Billie Eilish)

6) Fire N Gold – OneVoice (apb: Bea Miller)

7) All I Need/Isn’t She Lovely – FLEX PITCH (apb: Jacob Collier/Stevie Wonder)

8) Cold – The Ransom Notes (apb: Maroon 5)

9) I’m Still Standing – Eight Beat Measure (apb: Elton John)

10) Lovefool – Six Appeal (apb: The Cardigans)

11) BIGGER – Upper Structure (apb: Beyonce)

12) Exile – Shades of Blue A Cappella (apb: Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver)

13) Neon Lights – The Trills (apb: Demi Lovato)

14) I Did Something Bad – Pitches and Notes (apb: Taylor Swift)

15) I Am. – The Vassar Devils (apb: JoJo)

16) The Veldt – zedarius (apb: Deadmau5)

17) Lost in the City – The Wanted (original song)

18) The Way Back Home – Venice Vocal Jam (original song)

19) Power is Power – All-Night Yahtzee (apb: SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott)

20) The End of Love – The Nor’easters (apb: Florence + The Machine)