Voices Only 2005, Vol. 1

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Voices Only 2005, Volume 1 Track List
1) Stutter – UNCG Spartones (apb: Joe ft. Mystikal)

2) This Love – USC SoCal VoCals (apb: Maroon 5)

3) Street Spirit – Northeastern Downbeats (apb: Radiohead)

4) Feel Good Time – MIT Muses (apb: Pink)

5) Cry Me A River – UVA Hullabahoos (apb: Justin Timberlake)

6) Destiny / In The Waiting Line – USC Sirens (apb: Zero 7)

7) Here We Go – Duke Pitchforks (apb: Dispatch)

8) Silence – Cornell Class Notes (apb: Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan)

9) When I Grow Up – Stanford Mixed Company (apb: Garbage)

10) Into The Dark – VT Juxtaposition (apb: The Juliana Theory)

11) The Late Great Planet Earth – UT Ransom Notes (apb: Plumb)

12) Catch Me If You Can – Oregon Divisi (apb: The Beu Sisters)

13) Nothing – Northwestern Purple Haze (apb: Nikka Costa)

14) Collective Soul – Colorado In The Buff (apb: Collective Soul)

15) What It Feels Like For A Girl – Boston Aural Fixation (apb: Madonna)