Voices Only 2021, Vol. 2

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Voices Only 2021, Volume 2 Track List
1) Be The Change – SoundProof (apb: Britt Nicole)

2) Break My Heart – Forte (apb: Dua Lipa)

3) Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea – The Unisons (apb: MISSIO)

4) Movement – Gimble A Cappella (apb: Hozier)

5) My Type – Ars Nova (apb: Saint Motel, The Floozies, and Reed Streets)

6) Through The Eyes of A Child – Distilled Harmony (apb: AURORA)

7) Why iii Love The Moon. – Extreme Measures (apb: Phony Ppl.)

8) Bang Bang Bang – Academy (apb: Mark Ronson & The Business Intl)

9) Future – Maize Mirchi (apb: Chakra Khan)

10) Colour Vision/Think About Things – Fundamentally Sound (apb: MAX/DaĆ°i Freyr)

11) Rainberry – Treble on Huntington (apb: ZAYN)

12) Hallucinate – Prismatics (apb: Dua Lipa)

13) I’m Coming Round – Amplified (apb: Thirstory)

14) Water – Remedy A Cappella (apb: Bishop Briggs)

15) Aaj Ki Raat – MIT Ohms (apb: Sonu Nigam, Alisha Chinai, Mahalakshmi Iyer)

16) Genius – Remix – Mezzo A Cappella (apb: LSD)

17) Heavenly Father – The Harvard Opportunes (apb: Bon Iver)

18) Ai Shi Huai Yi – Borderless Vocal Band (apb: Eason Chan)

19) Why Not Tomorrow (2020) – Eric Chung (original song)

20) O-o-h Child (Virtual Choir) – Hyannis Sound (apb: The Five Stairsteps)